How to create the perfect vegetable garden

We all dream of growing our own food. There is nothing quite like seeing a tiny plant turn into a side salad for your steak, veg for the Sunday roast or my favorite a huge baked potato covered in beans and dripping with cheese.

Abit of love, care and time will not only save you money but also give you some tranquility and mindfulness.

Whether you already have a dedicated spot in your garden or are thinking of using that empty space, at the bottom of the garden next to the shed (we all know that boring spot I like to call the barrow lands). There is one extremely important aspect everyone forgets.


Before you whisk yourself of into the garden this year to hang out with your devoted friend Robert Robin,


It takes a few hours of your time but the rewards are unprecedented. Start your plan by asking yourself a few simple questions. What do I want to get out of this? What’s important to my dinner plate? How much room do I have?

With a few questions answered, you have the base of your plan. The next step is research, the plants you want have a quick read up about them, KNOWLEDGE IS Power. There are a ton of variety out there but simply logging onto your local garden centres website will cut out all the unnecessary and seemingly unlimited variety, it will also establish what’s easily available to you.

With all this done and you have decided on the plants you want. You can now have some fun and artistic flair with designing your space. Simply draw your desired area on to a piece of paper, devide the area like a grid and start placing your plants… Remember

-Place larger plants at the back in sections which don’t create to much shade for the smaller plants.
-plant in line of blacks for easy identification and harvesting.
-overcrowd when you first plant and thin out the weaker ones later (use these unwanted plant as leverage with a friend and gift it on)
-remember this space is a garden, make it look pretty and add some flowering plants. These attract pollinators lavenders are a great choice.

The plan attached took me an hour and a half, it was easy and simple and you can do it too. Include a key so you know exactly what to buy and where to place. Alternatively if you are a bit of a tech whizz and have the time to learn the software you can download “vegetable garden planners” of your phones app store.

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