Landlords: Your tenant could be reducing your income!

So your property is rented, your tenant pays on time and on the whole seems like the perfect fit. But did you know they could actually be losing you money in the long term!?

Does your property have a garden? A recent study shows that a well maintained garden can add up to a whopping 20% onto a property’s market value. The key part being a well maintained garden. If your tenant isn’t keeping on top of pruning and mowing this can cause a real headache further down the line. While things may be working out now, what happens when you want to sell, or when you have to look for a new tenant? 

A looked after garden can also increase your rental yield. It can make the property more attractive to potential tenants and can fetch a higher rental fee. A property with  a garden can also retain tenants for a longer period. Having a garden can almost be like having an extra room, especially in the summer months, allowing your tenant to entertain friends or escape the world.

So now you know quite how important your gardens are, what can YOU do to take care of them?

Of course, if you have the time and enjoy it, you could grab your trowel and gloves and attend in person on a fixed day each month, but what if you don’t have the time?

The most sensible thing to do, as a landlord, is to hire a gardener in to look after your gardens. A well maintained garden, with a regular gardener, is easier to market to potential future tenants. With a gardener on board, you can have peace of mind knowing your gardens are being expertly maintained. Using somebody with extensive garden knowledge can also ensure your garden is always looking it’s best and avoids irreparable damage both to the garden and the garden equipment. The gardener can feedback up to date information about any repairs and improvements needed in the garden. This is beneficial as you may otherwise not have been made aware of these things until the tenancy is up for renewal, and would have to rush the work in before you can advertise your property. Including a gardener in the tenancy agreement will take the pressure off the the upkeep of the property which will leave you with a happier tenant and longer occupancy.

Hiring a gardener doesn’t have to cost a fortune, you can cover the cost of the work by including it in your rental fee. It will also vary depending on the size of the garden and what you require. Here at Hersey’s we like to have a chat first, and really get on the same page as you before we carry out any work. This way you can be sure we all share the same vision.

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