Quick tips to get your Wisteria to bloom

Wisteria the magnificent climber we all love but hate. Notorious for its steroid like growth and pure reluctance to bloom. We all get frustrated and wonder is there a secret or is our relationship just one sided. Just a little knowledge can help you quickly fix this flowering problem.

Reasons why Wendy wisteria won’t flower.

-To much nitrogen in the soil. Imagine steroids heat seeking in on the muscles of the plant. Excellent for foliage and growth but never great for the reproduction organs…. Flower guys.

-Environment is key to success, if you’re lacking full sun or/and proper drainage the plant may be distressed, still growing and going through life but not interested in putting on a party and blooming.

-Age, maybe the plant hasn’t reached its prime age to flower. Wisteria must be between 7-15 years old before they start blooming. Unlike your children these won’t leave you at maturity.

-Last and least likely reason is over pruning. Though extremely hard to over trim Wendy wisteria you don’t want to give her a skin head. Over pruning will remove flower buds. Look out for time of year to Prune these guys

How to get wisteria to bloom then.

-apply phosphate fertiliser to the soil. The phosphate will help the wisteria blossom and balance out the nitrogen.

– Root pruning. This will help reduce the amount of nitrogen the plant is taking in. Drive a spade into the ground around the plant at least 3 foot from the base. DO NOT GO TOO CLOSE, you can kiss Wendy good bye. If you are worried about this process log onto our Facebook herseysuk for help on pruning.

-Lastly ask yourself, is there enough sun? Is there proper drainage? Are you pruning properly? And how old is the plant?

Is you can make these small changed I’m sure we will see some flowers this year

Good luck

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